Where Business and Christ Converge!
Mark 9:35
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If you desire to leave a legacy of servant leadership in your company than this is the place to be.  Join the movement to grow business by the GOOD BOOK!

Mark 9:35
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Dare to Serve!
Become a regular attender at the Management Leadership Institute - Leaders Transforming Business Breakfast Series.  Network with other Christian business people and learn ways that you can impact your business and your world through Christ Jesus.


We exist to transform Business Leaders with an injection of vision and inspiration based on Biblical truths applied in business for the sake of our local community.  


The movement to grow businesses by THE GOOD BOOK!
... an amazing diversity of Business Leaders joining together to develop their leadership to best serve their businesses and communities.

At its core, MLI espouses Christian values that align directly with its Mission. The Founders see God as the answer to close the disconnect that is evident in our broken world. Where we see broken homes, broken family structures and bad business ethics, MLI is the place where those who hear a calling to serve people and organizations in this broken and perilous world have a place to reach for support and guidance and have the opportunity to develop themselves as Christ’s servant leaders in the world of business.


MLI Founders, Staff and Teachers model Jesus Christ in our way of thought, life and faith in our personal, social and professional lives and in our relations with all MLI stakeholders. Those who attend our events, classes and seminars will be taught Biblically-based, ethical principles applied in business in order to achieve health and wholeness in organizations and the community.


  • Transparent Humanity
  • Genuine Humility
  • Absolute Honesty
  • Generous Spirit
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